We are a modern new fashion label with a complete different concept which is established in 1932 by Ursula Toussaint

We are a global fashion label which aim it is to allow designers of all classes and genders to join and make their work and creation known to the world, and achieve sales and reputation within the industry and far beyond. We offer direct sale shop's to designer fashion and products which are linked to discounted offers for you.


You like to join as Model or Designer?

Model's need to be aged 13 - 23 to join and be 5.5 high (age depending)

Designer can join us too, you can use our name or your own brand. We will bosst your sale and reputation and support your production and earn you 100% Royalties and 80% Revenue

Send you join application to:


Use our Dersigner Shops for your direct sale bargain and latest fahsion style

We currently looking for designers who like to create, publish, present and sell their collection with a well established label.

If you are a designer and like to join a fashion label then contact us today.

We can give you assistance and support with your creation through out the entire marketing process.

Professional designers as well as newcomers and amateur designers, who do not have the right experience yet, are welcome to join and establish a name for yourself with the support and backup with our knowledge and guidance.

We are keen and able to assist your project, your career as designer and manage the entire development of your work, and make sure to preserve authenticity.

This is the chance to join a well established label

as designer, as well as model

Creating quality with a label that differs from the usual industry habits and goes the extra mile to support, guide and manage as well as brings success of creation and establishments.

We go beyond the extra mile to support your career.

We create team work

that you can look upon

We do not compete with anyone

nor does the competition matters to us

Design is an art which we know best how to handle

Come in contact if you would love to join our fashion label team as a model or designer.

There are many ways in which we can be of help and give your name, work and career the right amount of assistance, support and management that it needs to transform into a pleasent, smooth achievements of goals that you wish to achieve.

Email: Contact@UllaToussaint1932.net